3 December 2017

Vogel’s celebrates 50 years with 1967 pricing

Kiwis can pick up a loaf for just 28 cents*

Since 1967 Vogel’s has been bringing something to New Zealanders’ tables, and has celebrated its 50th year throughout 2017. 

And to finish a huge year, it felt only right to bring something extra special to the table for New Zealanders – a loaf of Vogel’s at an original 1967 price of just 28 cents. **

“There have been lots of changes in New Zealand over the last 50 years, but one thing has remained the same – Vogel’s bread,” says Andrew Fenwick, Vogel’s Marketing Manager. “We want to celebrate Kiwis’ ongoing love of our loaf by offering Vogel’s at the 1967 price.”

Customers will be able to get a second loaf at the 1967 price of just 28 cents, when they buy one at the 2017 price.

Adds Andrew, “Not only did Vogel’s launch in 1967 but New Zealand changed to the decimal currency that year too. So, for those still thinking in pounds and pence, 28 cents is about 14d!”

Vogel’s started the year with the Big Little Kiwi Census, taking the pulse of the nation and asking Kiwis 30 big and little questions.  23,636 Kiwis weighed in, responding to questions like ‘do you follow the three second rule?’, ‘PJs or nothing?’, and ‘who’s the New Zealander you are most proud of?’

The results were a fascinating insight into what makes us, us. 

Then in July, the team at Vogel’s sought to capture some of the magic of what it means to be a New Zealander, by bringing eight strangers together over a breakfast of Vogel’s. 

No one knew each other, or why they were there.  What was captured were people coming together as they told their true, unscripted stories.  They laughed, they cried, but most importantly they connected with each other.

The social experience, captured on film, is a celebration that every Kiwi, no matter who they are, brings something unique and special to the table.

The film was an instant hit with New Zealanders at home and abroad.  It had a phenomenal response and has now exceeded 4.5 million views since launch, and is ahead of all industry benchmarks.

Vogel’s special 1967 pricing is available for one week only from 4 December at supermarkets nationwide.  

* When one loaf of Vogel’s is purchased at the shelf price. Retailers are free to price products at their own discretion. Vogel’s recommended retail price is $4.99. Excludes Vogel’s Gluten Free range.

** Calculated by asking our baker Alex’s nana, and using the RBNZ inflation calculator (based on RRP of $4.99)