Growing up in Switzerland, Alfred Vogel was familiar with medicinal plants and their properties from a young age.

He believed health and nutrition were strongly linked and that the best quality of life could be achieved through maintaining a well balanced diet of wholesome natural foods.

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Alfred Vogel’s philosophy was holistic, maintaining that health is tied to living in harmony with nature, rather than against it. He advocated the balanced use of powerful natural foods to achieve optimum health.

Throughout his life Alfred Vogel was a passionate traveller. Full of curiosity, all plants and herbs of the world were of interest to him. He took every opportunity to visit other countries and cultures and learn from them.

Vogel’s special interest lay with societies that retained a close relationship with nature. For example, in the USA he spent time with the Native American Sioux who showed him the purple coneflower, a traditional medicine better known as Echinacea. Vogel took seeds back with him to Switzerland, commercially cultivated the plant and introduced the properties of Echinacea to the rest of the world.

Vogel’s today is based on the principle that the most mouth-watering tastes and exceptional nutrition come from the very best ingredients nature provides. In every product, we select from a wide variety of natural ingredients for amazing flavours, good health, nourishment and abundant energy.

Living well into his nineties, Vogel’s entire life was dedicated to sharing his knowledge with the rest of the world. A true natural health pioneer, his work and philosophy are still recognised as unique and important contributions to naturopathy and nutrition today.


For over 50 years, Vogels has been sharing great bread to Kiwi homes. See how it all happened

A unique man, Alfred Vogel, was born in Switzerland.
Alfred opened his own Health and Herbal remedy shop.
Alfred created the recipe for a unique mixed grain bread, which won the 1954 medal at the International Food Exhibition.
Vogel’s was first made in NZ in a small bakery in Farmhouse Lane, Auckland. The loaf was unlike anything else Kiwis had seen ; a dark brick of bread with a dense, moist texture that welcomed lashings of butter, marmite or peanut butter.
Homesick Kiwis’ ads reminded us of how nothing compares to Vogel’s (see here for the unauthorised history)
Vogel’s cereal was launched
What does your Vogel’s say about you TVC
Vogel’s launched the category-first Gluten Free loaf range
Rugby World Cup OOH
Cricket World Cup OOH
Collab with Dick Frizzell, limited edition bag
image 6
Vogel’s Gluten Free Buns Launched
What do you bring to the table campaign launched (directed by the writer of the Homesick Kiwis ad)
Nothing compares to Vogel’s truism social videos
Nothing compares to Vogel’s OOH & TV campaign launched (directed by the writer of the Homesick Kiwis ad)
Vogel’s x Moa beer launched - Goodman Fielder’s first collab launched
Vogel’s Digestive Wellbeing Range & Vogel’s Gluten Free Keto Launch

"Vogel's is New Zealand epitomised in a loaf of bread, simple, reliable, honest, unassuming and consistent"

- Vogel’s lover