WISE Women and Vogel's

We think that one of the best ways to connect people is through food. We’ve learned from experience that when you get a group of people with unique backgrounds and experiences around the same table and add Vogel’s, some sort of magic happens.

On 17 November, Vogel’s invited 6 women with refugee backgrounds from 6 different countries, whom are part of the WISE Collective, to lunch. We asked them each to bring their stories, and a dish made with Vogel’s, to the table. Hosted by Bulbala Slimankhil, a migrant from Afghanistan, at her home in Mt Roskill, the women gathered as close friends around a table that was completely full with delicious sweet and savoury traditional dishes, with a Vogel’s twist. They told stories of their pasts, their love for New Zealand, and the opportunities that this beautiful country and WISE has given them.

The WISE Collective

For the past 5 years, The WISE Collective has been supporting women of refugee backgrounds in Auckland on their path to integration and self-sufficiency through offering resources and opportunities to generate income for their families. It is run as part of a partnership between the Auckland Resettled Community Coalition and the Auckland Regional Migrant Services Charitable Trust. These women have chosen to settle their families in New Zealand, often having left difficult circumstances in their home countries. Settling in a new country isn’t easy, especially as a woman, so that’s where WISE comes in. 

WISE Catering

As part of their focus on integrating through food, the WISE women offer a catering service, offering a range of ethnic dishes prepared by the women themselves, including Iraqi, Burmese, Ethiopian, Afghani, Sudanse, and more. The women also run ethnic food stalls at markets and events across Auckland. Email wise@arms-mrc.org.nz for more information, or click here

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