Suresh's Story

Suresh can name every All Black since 1987 (and a few before then). Suresh’s favourite sport? Soccer.

That was until he moved to New Zealand in the late 1970’s. There wasn’t any soccer to watch and slightly dubious streaming internet sites to watch soccer on were about 40 years away from existence.

Instead, everybody was talking about rugby. Especially in Hamilton, where Suresh moved to.

But he didn’t just take a passing interest in our national winter pastime. He took the time to watch the games, learn the rules, follow the players, and fall in love with rugby.

When you picture a ‘rugby nut’ you wouldn’t picture a dimunitive Indian chap edging closer to retirement. But Suresh is a real rugby nut. A Mooloos supporter. Most of all, an All Blacks fanatic.

Suresh is invested in the squad from the day the teams are announced. He follows each and every player that’s selected, studies their form. He thinks about the best team he’d put together with that squad. You \ probably know the type of person Suresh is. But he’s just a little bit more special, because he hasn’t forgotten a player that’s worn an AB’s jersey since the team that won the first ever Rugby World Cup since 1987.

One of his favourite players played on that team, Michael Jones. Suresh has never met him but he has met his two other favourites; the late great Jonah Lomu, and the incredible, enduring Richie McCaw.

Give Suresh a couple of minutes and he’ll explain why Richie was the best he’s seen to take the field for the All Blacks. “He rallied the men and we came through and that was the most amazing part of Richie. He was a motivator, a true Kiwi.”

Not everyone gets to meet their heroes, but Suresh has met plenty. Even Sonny Bill Williams, “Big man, I looked very little in front of him, I had to look up”. Well every All Blacks fan should look up to Suresh for the way he supports our national rugby team.

Suresh says, “It's not a question of memory, it's a question of interest - if you have interest then you can remember things.” When you can recall Bull Allen or Jeremy Stanley as easily as you can Zinzan Brooke or Justin Marshall that itself is a memorable achievement.

Well played, Suresh.

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