Our cereals are made with you in mind, full of all the good stuff, none of the bad.

It’s pretty exciting times here at Vogel’s Cereal, we’re not only happy to share our four latest new mueslis but that we’ve changed all our recipes for the better.

All our mueslis are now made with lower sugar and a more generous serving of nuts and seeds, which means even more vitamins, minerals and goodness in each bowl. We’re keeping them all full of natural ingredients with no palm oil, sulphites GMOs or preservatives in sight.

Our new recipes even inspired us to create four new mueslis. Check them out below.

cafestyle kombucha probiotic

Cafe-Style Kombucha Probiotic Muesli

This tummy friendly muesli has NZ wholegrain oats infused with kombucha and ginger, resulting in 1 billion live cultures per serve. Tasty and good for you – yes please.

cafestyle sioats

Cafe Style South Island Oats and Sorghum Muesli

We’ve introduced puffed sorghum into this muesli with plant sterols that are known to help lower cholesterol levels. Sounds like a bowl of delight for your heart.

allgood coconut cashew granola

All Good Coconut Cashew Granola

With less that 15% sugar this blend of coconut, cashew nuts and whole seeds is definitely all good with us.

allgood raspberry strawberry granola

All Good Raspberry Strawberry Granola

We thought you can’t choose between strawberries and raspberries so we included both with puffed amaranth for a truly delicious brekkie.