Vogel's Breakfast in Antarctica

Everyone that goes to New Zealand's Scott Base in Antarctica must do field training. This is all about how to stay safe and healthy in one of the most challenging environments in the world! They learn the theory of everything from wind chill to nutrition, before heading out to the Field Training area where they set up tents and sleep out overnight. They also construct a ‘galley’ out of snow bricks – a kitchen wall to protect us from prevailing winds and create a nice area for sharing our freeze-dry in peace. Once they're finished, they pack up and return all the snow bricks back to the ground – leaving it just like it was when they arrived. For this field training, we treated the team to a meal from Vogel's so they could get to know each other better.  Each of them shared a little insight about what they bring to the table and had a good laugh in the process. No matter where we come from as New Zealanders; we all bring something unique to the table.